Trade Development That Promotes Inclusion for All

Fostering International Development is helping to grow the pie, then being able to share its advancements for balanced unified growth…

This is where connectivity helps sourcing for development to grow the pie, while connecting to global trade for a more vibrant well supplied world. Enedine Capital™ connects to network to help increase access to intangibles and tangibles for a stronger, greener, more abundant global supply chain. Our team pilots trade and sourcing needs to help fill supply gaps “to and from” diverse regions in efforts to further expand supply of a wide array of “green-er” commodities worldwide. Our network dedicated to foster trade a “green-er” global supply chain in efforts to contribute to sustainable development worldwide.

Our efforts begin by helping source the under resourced, “unconnected” communities in remote areas connect and be able to better access quality inputs and then we facilitate access to exterior markets to trade of their goods through our global network. This positively impacts greener supply flows to and from, contributes to global ecofriendly goals while enhancing economic and global development. Guiding trade connectivity of green-er goods into the global supply chain help everyone benefit worldwide. Enedine Capital helps with sourcing supply needs and facilitates green trade to better serve both sides of the supply chain in efforts to grow a more robust green-er revolution. Enedine Capital assist in connecting trade of such goods by facilitating access to markets to buy and sell, commodity, raw materials and needed products everywhere , regardless where parties are worldwide. We nurture economic growth by helping enhance global trade connections on both sides to better source everyone around the world.

Empowering Producer-Clients With Technology-Driven Growth Tools and Access to markets for a Green-er Trade Revolution

Enedine Capital Resources™ approach is to empower our producer clients with technology, that helps communicate vital information, support, further assists with investment for better inputs, tools from one market to another. All in efforts to produce quality materials and goods, while help increase its production, ushering access to exterior markets for heightened participation in global trade and development.

Enedine Capital Resources™ recognizes that most raw materials produced for global use are produced by people living and working in remote areas, yet these people have limited access to direct global sourcing and trade. They have the most needs for clear information in real time, tools, inputs and investment as well, yet have the least access to. In essences this limits global supply and trade growth for everyone.

The reality is approximately 70% of the worlds’ food supply is produced by marginalized small scale farmers. Most other commodities are also produced or extracted by self-employed individuals yet are limited to only local trade and local intermediaries whom are also limited to access to developed markets. As they indirectly supply us, they too have growth needs, in turn their limitation to knowledge and products hinders global supply growth. By helping trade on both sides of the chain it helps them fill their needs which in turn later helps us all grow.

Though we have grown to recognize isolation makes it difficult to meeting their needs, with connectivity and access to markets it helps fill information and supply gaps on both sides of the spectrum once filled its allows for more robust supply chain to all.

A Wealth of Trade for Sustainable Development

Our company resources tool chest also contains of souring and trade specialists plus our vast network of change makers helps make the needs and supply connect. Our team is adept at assisting our partners obtain needed inputs resources to produce greener products. We facilitate access to fair markets for trade and supply to other parts of the world. Enedine Capital Resources™ understands core resource needs sourcing while develop supply network solutions for both sides. Moreover; assists with managing associated risks with long distance trade and payment systems.

Our loyalty to triple bottom line strategies ensures that the promotion of, and to continue to fully adopt minimal post production waste loses, and best management practices for a more robust, ecofriendly, raw materials global trade system. This ecofriendly approach helps the environment, ensures a robust, long term supply chain which contributes to the availability of quality goods worldwide. We always consider helping fill supply gaps and provide connectivity for stronger resource flows which is a contributing driver for global development.


“Helping all to connect to clear information and green-er natural resources easier around the world.”