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Global Finance with Less Limitations and More Possibilities

Over the centuries, finance has always assisted people in all sorts of personal and commercial development to trade. In today’s economy, modern banking and finance innovation has evolved more than ever in personal bank, trade and finance to where some of us use new payments and finance systems like credit cards, online banking, e-commorce, online funds transfer & payment systems, mobile banking among many other financial services and funding conveniences that make it easier, and safer. But there’s a caveat; you must have or fulfill requirements for a banking account.

Besides personal, technology continues to advance to where local banking and lending institutions whom were the only ones that could help are not the only ones. Thanks to technology many of us are able to connect to other external financial institutions, and even to a global banking and finance systems that provide further options to some of us. WE simply connect with our personal computer or mobile phone to virtual finance platforms like offshore online banks, micro finance, and crowd funding that are half way around the world. They are allowing to connect to trade, banks and / or finance use newer options that are in another part of the world by a simple click of a key or swipe of a finger. But you must have the adequate connection and device.

Connectivity and globalization is allowing some of us the rewards of less limitations and many more possibilities. These financial technologies are allowing for “some” to do business more conveniently, safer to transact, easier to lend or borrow, even funding to innovate more. For some; daily function is doing all sorts of personal and business banking, finance or transacting (trade) with others sitting in other parts of around the world without having to go there or be sitting in an office. This is thanks to the use of mobile connectivity. The great thing about these innovations that more and more of the global population is becoming aware, using them, profiting from and growing further with these advancements.

With modern finance it has created alternative financial technology systems (fin-tech) are creating a more connected and developed global finance community which is helping many achieve goals, our ambitions, and grow our personal wealth beyond thought with less obstacles and enabling us to find a better means to fund and transact that better fit our needs, wants and where we are.

In business banking and finance innovation is also providing fascinating tools, platforms, investment pools and financing hybrids that are growing business lending and investment. Some businesses are benefiting using these newer means to achieve their business objectives to where they can “plug in” transact and finance huge endeavors for large commercial related needs in trade and expansion that are extending to denominations which were only used in scientific and quantum calculations. Further; even large corporations and financial/ banking institutions themselves have also innovated to finance their needs, projects and venture as well with using multifaceted syndicated banking facilities, structured instruments and securities, futures and derivatives, cryptocurrencies (virtual money) and global trade payment systems like block chain transaction sequences, smart contracts to name a few. Of course larger entities are generating gargantuan profits from advanced banking and finance to much higher levels, yet only a few understand, are able to use to take their business goals to unfathomable heights, not long ago foreseen. In essence banking and finance innovation are helping personal, business, commerce and even banking reach advance to heights never imagined just a short time ago.

Financial Innovation is also occurring with local, regional and international development needs for higher growth to finance building larger urban cities, infrastructure, local, national even the global economy and other forms of progress that were unimaginable just a few years ago as well. These technical innovations are disrupting the previous systems and norms for growth and are helping change everywhere at an inconceivable pace. Technology and innovation is also being implanted in sustainable global needs and aspirations for more effective ways help those in need grow and provide a better quality of life for everyone worldwide. Lastly Finance innovation is also becoming integral part in assisting us all to with environmental and other social solutions the entire world needs as a whole, to grow and have future generation reach even higher as well.


Research shows approximately 2 billion people are still unaware, unconnected, and are unbanked worldwide. This is almost a third of the entire global population

Bringing Financial Technology Closer to All

Enedine Capital Resources™ innovates technology, and develops alternative solutions in global payments systems, fin-tech, microfinance and global commerce to work towards including marginalized, isolated members of our global society be connected and prosper as well. We are helping more people connect to, be part of, and benefit from today's global financial system. Our technologies provides underprivileged, sidelined individuals, business and communities with financial building blocks so that they can begin to interact, grow and profit from their assets easier, faster and with confidence.

We develop and integrate banking technology and sound finance solutions that provide practical financial inclusion, and other financial assistance products which when combined are comprehensive solutions that allow for the unbanked to become “bankable”, access to and partake in global banking and trade. Enedine Capital™ provides several building blocks for marginalized in remote areas be included by using their existing communication devises and connecting to our mobile-financial technology (Fin-tech), that allow them to take their first steps into the global financial system(s). Later go beyond by being able to take further steps as we assist to enhance their chances for financing, and access to payment systems to they can interact with exterior markets to trade goods regardless of where they are.

Our innovations tether commercial markets and their requirements with mobile technologies that help the needy become connected and grow at a developed market pace. This offers them the opportunity to work towards achieving financial and trade inclusion using our alternative fin-tech products and platforms. Our innovative fin-tech tools ushers a means to satisfy global finance requirements, helps fill needs gaps, and helps all overcome concerns and challenges that hinder global growth. Enedine Capital™ connects, implements sound solutions plus helps increase returns for the world at large.

With our revolutionary technologies, sound practices and innovative risk mitigation solutions, we improve the confidence of all stakeholders regardless where they are. Whether its a producer in a remote part of the world or to help with financial inclusion or to help create new relationships with financiers within the global banking system. This encourages more to connect, benefit and participate for a sustainable and growing global economy. These efforts informs, includes and lifts up those in need and empowers them to produce green-er commodity materials as they become more active global businesses and preservation participants. We strive to continue to develop mobile technologies, sound financing assistance solutions and fair trade for purpose driven returns and optimal growth.


“We aim to achieve a more harmonious commercial and financial global community for all to thrive, grow and prosper in together for many more generations to come.”