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I was born during the” great depression” in a rural poor area on a Caribbean island. There was very little help for the under resourced,” marginalized”. My mother was a teacher who had to cease working to raise five children. My father was one of the many self-employed, self-taught business owners who had to fend for themselves and provide for their families. He was handicap due to the loss of a limb while working to provide for us though limited, he pushed through to provide. He and my mother cultivated a small “piece” of land and doing whatever else they could to feed us. Most of the community also had small pieces of land ( small holders) which they too did the same without any support, skills training nor resource assistance from anyone. My immediate and extended family were all involved in agriculture as many marginalized people in rural areas still are. All had ( and have) something in common, they were all self-employed and had to figure it out and provide for themselves. Very very few saw great opportunities, figured out ways to capitalize and grew their business out of poverty. I too saw ( “ and still see”) that in developing countries where there is virtually no business support for the poor and small business communities there are great opportunities without having to exploit anyone or anything.

The large majority of small holder agri-businesses draw a panorama of hardship and struggle. They did their best as they knew how to simply survive (“again; as they still do”). A place where all was very limited, all tangled within a system of little or no assistance to its communities and the small business owners. Ironically always seeing that those who need it most, do contribute, and can be the ones that can directly impact local growth in rural areas, yet; never get the help they really need.

In fact because of these conditions it drove me to push forward and help my family. Being a child (8 years old) I had to forget about finishing grade school and having to work 12 to 18 hour days doing odd jobs. Sometimes split shifts. Sometimes working during in the day, other weeks during the evening and sometimes the grave yard shift for many years. All this had to be done so I could contribute to help our family sustain. This was In attempts to make ends meet, which in most cases we never had enough, yet all continued to survive. We worked harder and harder every day. “We couldn’t figure out how to get ahead! As I tried harder it became more difficult to break the cycle. Being so young with virtually no education and limited resources put me in a precarious position where I accepted earning a tinny wage, making a limited living to help my entire family with as much as I could. (“This is still seen everywhere.”).

As I grew older and even though I was experiencing this pain of defeat and struggle, it triggered a burning desire to get ahead and become a business owner, an entrepreneur. The spirit of being free of limitations, to grasp opportunities, capitalize on them using innovative ideas, to get ahead. One day there I was; I had to find tools to start my business. I had to try to figure out the best and most efficient way to generate income. I had to work as hard as possible for a longer period of time to make up for it. In this environment where could I learn the best way? Where could I find, borrow the tools I needed to make this business successful? Eventually I realized I was stuck having to work harder and longer than ever in place of having the right tools. Another setback but I had the will. Though in that humble setting; I still had the opportunity to reach for the stars in place of the best way to do things. Hum…, Hope.. Some ideas were good but the vast majority were not, yet I kept pushing forward.

My humble beginnings and hard work always made me want to help my family prosper, and especially help those who were self- employed that were completely on their own. Help all live a better life. In my visions I saw them smile and be able to provide for everyone happier without such a struggle. All happy yet humble but growing in the right direction to get out of this vicious poverty cycle.

As I pushed forward and with GOD’s’ grace I made enough to continue to help my family and be able to save a few dollars in order to go to the United States in 1955. After landing in Miami, this grace landed me in New York City with a few dollars (”and a check from a friend from abroad that I was never able to cash”) homeless, not knowing anyone, in the middle of a cold winter in a really big place.“ From bad in a small warm place, to alone, cold in a really big place! Hum… , Yet I still knew that I was in a great place. The epicenter of opportunity!!!! Where dreams, innovation and hard work begin to take shape for the better.

After working odd jobs for a few years I eventually had the will ‘and the burning desire to own my own business which eventually I prospered. Throughout my entrepreneurial endeavors, my desire had always been to help others, which has laid my path till this day. I started a moving company, using innovative techniques to pack items on site so nothing would get damaged which also allowed us to be more efficient than the other moving companies at the time. Then a construction company in the midst of the all tall buildings being erected, showed me promise. This company led us towards helping other immigrants so they could open their own businesses. Helping them grow whilegiving my business the ability to flourish was a great way to profit. During this time we mostly assisted Asian immigrant entrepreneurs ( “ later Europeans & Latin Americans”) who wanted to launch their businesses in this now very large section of New York City called “China Town”. In many cases; my construction company had to help finance their undertakings because they didn’t have much money, nor access to the traditional banks and lenders. The fact was (“and in most cases is”) they did not know how to interact with banks or apply for business loans. The fact was, (“and still is”) they were not eligible for traditional business loans anyway.

Once we financed part of their project we then built their businesses. Retails stores, warehouses, restaurants and so many other types of businesses and structures were built. In many cases their dreams came to fruition, we helped them work towards achieving their dreams. Later; building even larger dreams. Just like all those tall skyscrapers around us.”. As we continued to complete many of these projects, I felt that it satisfied some of that burning desire to help others. I decided to develop ways for others to achieve their ambitions as well as help me achieve mine. One of which was a system that allowed my construction company to assist with raising funding for many. By helping fund their businesses it also allowed me to generate more business and be more profitable. That system was the ability to accept loans as notes to pay part of their construction debt as they paid off the rest when they began to generate revenue or have others invest. This was a catalyst for the growth of my construction company where we were one of the few who knew how to write such instruments for those with very limited resources and not lose money, further; be able to move to the next project and make a living.

Besides being able to draw up effective commercial finance instruments and provide unusual terms we were also able to capitalize by monetizing these notes at local banks we had relationships with and continue to do business. Through helping we were also able to build other relationships with many other banks that enabled us to also accept many more of these types of notes, avoid default, benefit from these financing arrangements and do more projects all at once. While prospering, many turned around and helped their local community grow. “Now look at China Town in New York City!!! . There came the idea of helping others build their dreams through innovative financing, strong assistance and support, which paid even higher dividends than I could ever imagine.

While assisting many build their businesses in New York City my family grew and followed. I established great relations with all sorts of professionals. Many who became extremely wealthy and later help me and many others further develop our dreams. This too opened doors in lower Manhattan, with real estate developers, Wall Street firms, and other types of business owners, including Import / Export & trading companies.

As my family grew they later got further involved in assisting entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. Further we focused on establishing sound & innovative alternatives to help many more flourish while profiting. We continue to do this into this millennium. Presently our vision extends to a global scale. This time we look at the entire scope. All throughout the supply chain, where each and every one of us benefit. Not only helping those who are in need excel, but preserving the environment, further down to those who can benefit from accessing good quality ”green” products.

Since then; we have created and used many innovative social finance models, strategies, tools, training, plus other resources to assist. Because of our vision, cutting edge innovation, we have been able to further establish many more relationships throughout the world, while enhancing developmental project needs and fostering worldwide growth. Projects that help in full circle ( “producer, and throughout the supply chain”), help them which helps everyone around the world. From the“ environment”, back to me and my next door neighbor as we enjoy our evening meal, (“ the consumer”).” Full Circle…..”.

As you see; besides having the desire to assist entrepreneurs all my life, I have experienced firsthand what it is to be extremely poor and without any help nor resources. Knowing about this and experiencing it are two different things. Though I confidently see we can merge the two and have everyone collaborate today and for tomorrow. This is why I have such drive with all of our projects. Life proves, that being with limited resources, virtually no education ( “ at the beginning”) does not have to limit “anyone, if they and we put in a little effort ,we can mutually benefit. Yes; In the long run we benefit as well .

Best Regards To all

Julio Camacho – Perez