About Us


At Enedine Capital Resources™, our mission is to help turn global challenges and transcend them into opportunities for all to prosper responsibly. We make this happen by developing solutions and providing vital growth resources like clear information, data analytics and tech tools to improve everyone’s capacity to foster natural raw material production and use.

Our systems lifts individuals and communities into self-sufficiency by giving them access to climate smart technologies which help them “leverage” their local natural resources as an economic catalyst while in cooperating with environment. These innovative technologies increase production yields, produces better products, impacts the environment, while simultaneously works towards expanding collaboration for global sustainability.

“We develop innovative technology and solutions to fill social gaps, so the world can prosper as a whole.”

Social Entrepreneurs Commitment to the Future

Enedine Capital™ is an organization made up of social entrepreneurs invested in creating solutions that help impact global sustainable development goals. At Enedine, we strive to create sound and profitable commercial solutions to that build on global growth, preserves the environment, and helps usher future generations strive towards further progress and a sustainable quality of life. Our ideas are designed to rebuild the future by combining innovative technology, powerful data tech, and social finance in alignment with global commerce. Our systems provide the needed framework for industries worldwide to advance while helping the planet’s eco-system thrive.

Our climate-smart concepts and practical commercial growth tools empower users to turn social issues into opportunities for explosive development today and for tomorrow’s sustainability.

“Creating harmony between global commerce and the eco-system.”

Transforming Global Issues to Profitable Opportunities

We help individuals, communities and governments see beyond the glaring social challenges and usher them to see its underlying opportunities through which their local communities can build and the world can benefit. Our team’s unique expertise has the vision to harness these opportunities for global advancement. These opportunities become building blocks for further advancement for all stakeholders to use and become effective change-makers worldwide.

Expertise in Strategic Global Sectors

We are a group of experts with enviable experience in diverse industries in information technology development, finance, commodity production and environmental revitalization & management. We team up with individuals, businesses and governments to enhance efforts in impacting sustainable development goals such as: Poverty (Goal 1), global food security (Goal 2), Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), climate action (Goal 13), Life below Water” (Goal 14), ” Life on Land”( Goal 15), in combination with Decent work & Economic growth (Goal 8) and financial inclusion (Goal 10“reduce inequalities”) among others. We realize this by tethering innovative technology for the expansion of climate-smart-action skills, innovative finance and economic and trade growth solutions for a more prosperous globe and impactful, purpose driven benefit worldwide.

The Right Teams… The Right Tools…Right Objectives

Our tech geeks are savvy and creative tech professionals that are constantly developing change technology, and powerful knowledge-based data systems focused on social matters that accelerate and lift development growth. These all in one, system & methods; tech-tools that integrate green technology and joined with data intelligence, all to provide “a needs lift” to those sidelined for collaborative global sustainability. We use technology to boost social impact assistance efforts that significantly contribute towards pushing enhanced growth at geek speed.

Enedine’s finance engineers are charged with the design of sound social finance tools to propel financial inclusion, micro-finance, and other innovative products for effective growth and manage solutions that help serve the needs of under resourced economies to connect with fast track of globalization. Our full circle approach to finance plus the creativity as entrepreneurs, engineers a sound path to purpose driven profitability to all stakeholders.


Social Finance and Purpose-driven Investing

As experienced professionals with extensive financial knowledge in several sectors in diverse markets, we have a keen vision as to how to turn challenges into universal profit. We know how to successfully navigate from need to added-value to further global prosperity. Our understanding of core needs, our strategy to address and our proficiency with technology allows us to create effective alternatives that surge universal benefits for optimal growth in a risk-averse platform that improves confidence to participate with ease. All while generating purpose driven profits.

We provide the blueprint for the systems needed that transform challenges to opportunities to secure long-term success.

Turning Complex Issues into Opportunities for Reliable Long-Term Growth

We grasp use-needs to develop strategic, technological and systemic solutions that effectively impact global and social needs, thus; benefits all worldwide.

‘3Ps’ form our philosophical foundation as an organization; People, Place and Prosperity/Profit. These philosophies guide us towards achievement of our goals for lifting many, producing better goods, caring for the environment, securing long-term supply abundant and driving growth for many generations to enjoy.

Our technology systems, methodology and principles help people and societies increase production capacity of local natural resources for economic growth, while also promoting individual participation in social and environmental welfare.

Understanding of the Local Terrain

Our ground team’s familiarity with core needs, local terrains and its relation to global development challenges makes us the most viable and the most desirable partner. We identify needs, see prevalent opportunities, nurture potential and guide for best management practices to maximize climate action efficiency and responsible capitalization of local natural resources. Our climate-smart technology strengthens community growth, unites collaboration to work “with” the environment, expands markets locally and abroad.

These opportunities lead to filling needs gaps, expanding awareness for better care and use of natural resources, increases product quality, produces higher yields, promotes economic growth and enriches the global supply chain worldwide.

Our Development Pathways

  • Production - Our investments in raw materials cultivation & development and commitment to natural resource best management practices, promote sustainable development and a vibrant global supply chain.

  • Social Finance – we engage in purpose driven impact investments, micro finance engineering frameworks and other alternative finance products to help those who have been sidelined participate further in higher rate global growth. We support and develop green finance innovation that promotes higher profits while helping the environment. We build to project metrics to track impact, hedge risk, and build towards to enhancing profitability benefits.

  • Global Economic Growth – we engineer international trade and sourcing solutions, engage in public-private partnerships to foster global trade and economic growth on a local and global level simultaneously. with land, and “sea” resources administration.

  • Sustainable Development – our financial investments are channeled towards conservation, production efficiency and global growth, and commerce to help the world collaborate in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.


‘Engineering Social Solutions 4 Global Profit’