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Enedine Capital Resources™ Corporation is a group of finance engineers, strategic Planners, Technology innovators for “purpose driven”, social enterprises. “We bridge tech-solutions to make this world more prosperous To Know More Contact Now

Enedine Capital Resources is a social enterprise & and finance groupthat assists in every facet of social & developmental project planning, finance and implementation to help balance "up" the under resourced with the rest of the world.

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Enedine Capital Resources Corporation focuses on assisting the under-resourced, the marginalized self- employed, in developing their personal and local economy by providing them with essentialtraining and appropriate financing ...

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Enedine Capital Resources’ tool chest also has natural resource management & supply chain management specialists to assist our project recipients’ diversity and long term sustainability. Most sustainability initiatives focus ...

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Enedine Capital Resources™ Corporation takes global development to the next level. We are a group of “change-makers” working towards a greater globe. Our team is a group of creative professionals from diverse sectors that are working together to develop tools that impact global needs. We engineer comprehensive solutions and develop innovative technologies that connect and provide powerful data tools to enhance global commerce and development easier for the world to reach its ultimate goal; sustainable global development.
We strive to develop systems and vital tools so the world can expand production, have clear information for efficiency and growth, be eco-friendly, and produce "green" products all through using connectivity. Our solutions help impact social, environmental and financial challenges while helping foster economic potential with better products produced for global commerce at today’s developed pace. Enedine Capital Resources’™ comprehensive approach is help towards “ GG”; global goals with and for all..
Enedine Capital™ is a social enterprise that drives effective solutions, and resources towards the world’s toughest problems, and turning them into opportunities for the world to benefit.

It's truer today than ever. Money alone is never enough to solve social issues. There is no single quick fix or silver bullet to addressing today’s global developmental challenges, but with both cutting-edge technologies that help connect the world along with sound solutions that effectively and efficiently impact will certainly be the game-changer on a range of all global challenges.
Our long range, purpose driven plan is to effectively collaborate with industry experts worldwide, so together, we can make a difference and participating in reaching sustainable development goals by 2030. We believe by connecting those in need in remote areas whom produce a large percentage of the resources we use and help them as they contribute the world will make a substantial difference. Enedine Capital Resources™ helps connect and provide clear information, industry expert support, plus designs growth tools that will not only force development at developed pace for positive change regardless where they are. With connection, we can use our innovative solutions to help usher sustenance, while cooperating with the environment, this in turn helps provide abundant natural resource for the global supply chain. Together it will allow us all to work smarter, faster, with more ease, and better understanding in harmony for a higher success,.
Enedine Capital™ always implements triple bottom line notions (People-Place-Profit) in every strategy. This keeps us commercially sound with corporate responsibility. Using a triple bottom line strategies prioritizes People and spreading new systems and methods to help People through information technologies that help commercial growth, positively impact the environment’s needs; Place, that will reward all with prosperity; Profit. Combined it helps impact other global sustainability for better societies and vibrant economies around the world.
The driver of our success is to work toward aligning all peoples’ interests while mitigating everyone and the eco system’s risk that provides us with core necessities for abundant supply and continued long term quality of life. By doing so, it creates social and commercial harmony. It motivates and remunerates all today and helps secure prosperity for many generations to come.

Here at Enedine Capital Resources™ we use inspired systems and methods to innovate for long term commercial sustainability. We have teamed up with other collaborators to help marginalized producers living in remote parts of the world, who lack the proper resources, and provide them help and growth resources, in efforts to become self-sustainable. This is by helping them improve their businesses practices, and helping become bankable in order for them to obtain vital growth tools while participating in global commerce at today’s explosive pace.
Enedine Capital Resources™ create innovative tools for social growth through communication & information systems, developing and integrating technologies that provide a comprehensive package to effectively help people prosper, produce higher value greener products and allow them also participate in addressing other global issues as well. Enedine Capital Resources™ systems guides to extend green skills training, climate-smart tools, the integration of tech devices that enhance production efficiency and better understanding for growth effectiveness. Enedine Capital’s finance innovation and development services include exterior trade, risk management, analytics and alternative finance products solutions for financial inclusion and trade development.

Our social entrepreneurship thinking; turns global issues to opportunities.
“Join our partnership and make a profitable impact at home and throughout the world.”